Orbital Decompression Surgery: How Long is Too Long to Get the Surgery?

My husband has Graves disease, his levels fluctuate slightly as the weeks go by. His eyes are extremely bulgy, sometimes crossing in the mornings. He has constant double vision now and headaches because of it. He really shouldn't be working.. and it isn't getting better.. The eye doc is waiting until his normals get more level to conduct the decompression surgery.. the double vision started a year ago.. should we be looking for another doc to do the surgery?

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This is simply too complex a questions to address on Realself.

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The management of Grave's orbitopathy is very complex.  An eye doc should not be managing his orbitopathy.  This should be done by a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.  In my opinion it is very helpful to see care at a University Center and get care from an oculoplastic surgeon who has a significant volume of orbital cases and at least 5 years of experience.  The ASOPRS website can help you identify a well qualified surgeon and with a little more research you can decide if the surgeon has the level of experience you need.  It sounds like a second opinion is reasonable.  

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