Year and half and they look so low. Is that normal? (Photo)

I'm not so happy how my breast turn out. After year and half. Because they look so low. I wonder that is normal?

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Look too low

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 Without a preoperative photograph to compare to, it's hard to know whether the result is to be expected or not. Also, a side view would be helpful in determining the relationship of the nipple to the fold. Two options will probably be present to place the breasts into a higher position on the chest wall. One would be to do a breast lift and the other would be to do an inferior and lateral capsulorraphy and maybe removal of a transverse wedge of skin at the bottom just above the crease. I would recommend you go back to your operating plastic surgeon to discuss these options. Good luck.

Bottoming out

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One side appears to have bottomed out more than the other.  It would be possible to tighten the implant envelope along the lower pole to correct this although this would be a trip back to the OR.  

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