I'm almost 3 weeks post op my tummy tuck, I'm an African American woman. Should I cover to heal, still looks pink?

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Tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question and photographs. It is important to ask your surgeon this question because every plastic surgeon will have a slightly different aftercare protocol. At 3 weeks, you are very early in your recovery periof and your scars will continue to refine for the next year. You can begin to use scar treatments such as silicone strips, creams, vitamin E oil or laser treatments to further reduce the appearance of your surgical scars at about 6 weeks. Scars are generally refined to fine incision lines one year after surgery though. Best of luck in your recovery.
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I am looking red after three weeks of my tummy tuck

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Thanks for the question.  If the scar is red, but well healing, this is normal and may be the case for the next several months.  Minimizing heat and sun exposure to the abdominal scar for several months would be recommended, as well as applying a quality scar fade product.  If the abdominal skin is red, this may be another story.  Always keep your Plastic Surgeon informed about your concerns and condition.
Good luck to you.
Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon


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I am not certain to what you are referring to. What is pink? What might you want to cover? Do you have a picture? This will give us more information to consider.

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