Does my vagina look normal? (Photo)

I have always wanted to get labiaplasty because I don't like the way my vagina looks. To me my labia is too large and I'm very petite. I'm 21 and I only weigh 89 pounds. I have always been very insecure and uncomfortable during sex because of this.

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Candidate for Labiaplasty

Candidates for #labiaplasty and #vaginal surgery include women concerned about the appearance of their genitals , or those who experience discomfort, pain or difficulty with sexual relations.  Moisture can create problems such as yeast infections. #Labialplasty is probably the most common of the Vaginal Enhancement procedures. Surgery is the most common treatment and this problem can usually be corrected in under one hour with a local anaesthetic. Many women feel more comfortable and relaxed with a quick twilight or general anaesthetic. Each procedure is customized to the physical findings as well as the desired goals of the patient. Some procedures may include treatment of the clitoris or clitoral hood to further enhance this region.  The “trim procedure” is a straight incision along the edge of the labia to reduce excess tissue.  A “wedge” is the removal of a triangular shaped part of the labia with the remaining parts placed together to look completely normal. Good luck to you!

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You have normal labia

Normal labia sometimes protrude beyond the labia majora. This can create traction pain if they get dragged by sex, tight clothing or other activities. Labiaplasty works well to address these issues.

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Labiaplasty candidate

I reviewed your photos. Your labia minora and clitoral hood are enlarged but normal. A labiaplasty with a clitoral hood reduction can reduce your size.  However, it must be performed by a surgeon with experience. One of the two most common labiaplasty techniques is the central wedge technique, which I invented in 1995 and published in the plastic surgery textbooks. It is also known as the "V" or wedge technique. Gynecologists and most plastic surgeons perform a labioplasty very differently. They essentially trim the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) and leave a long suture line instead of the normal labial edge. Their technique is the same whether a scalpel or a laser is used. In contrast, the central wedge removes triangles of tissue and bring the normal edges together. Thus, the normal labial edges, normal color, and normal anatomy are preserved, but the darkest labial tissue is usually removed. If you have extra tissue on your clitoral hood, it can be reduced at the same time. Your clitoral hood is thick, wide, and protuberant.  It can be decreased somewhat by reducing the sides.  I pioneered a clitoropexy with clitoral hood reduction in which the clitoris is pushed closer to the pubic bone and the width, thickness, length, and protuberance of the clitoral hood can be decreased.  No matter the technique, an inexperienced or unskilled surgeon can lead to a high rate of complications, chronic scar discomfort, labial deformities, and further surgery.
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Yep. Normal

But you're also a great candidate for a labiaplasty because1. you have concerns about your labiaand2. because you have enlargement of the inner labia and clitoral hood.
Be SUPER selective. Lots of wanna bees out there and local GYNs who are trying to hop on the trend without surgical skill and a delicate touch (you know who you are). If you need to travel, then travel. The surgery is easy and straightforward with about three annoying and uncomfortable days and the rest smooth sailing... unless you have a trim done. then you'll be down for weeks. Honest.

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It is a personal choice

Dear A12345:
Thank you for sharing the photos as well as questions.  All women are "normal" as there are many sizes and shapes of labia. However, if your labia bother you  and create symptoms  ( pain or irritation ) or you do not like the appearance (aesthetics) secondary it is  reasonable to consider Labiaplasty. 
In your case I believe you would benefit from a labia minora reduction and lateral prepuce reduction. So choose a surgeon wisely.    More surgeons are offerings these porecedures with little to no experience and we see the botched results on a regular basis, so please be careful and travel for the procedure if necessary. All to often women are in worse condition after the surgery because they choose a surgeon for all the wrong reasons.  Do NOT choose a surgeon based upon location and board certification alone.  Every week patients on this websites write in complaining of botched labia surgery by board certified physicians.  Please choose a surgeon based upon experience, expertise, reputation and results ( before and after photos). Please note testimonials for many surgeons are for fillers, botox, breast augmentations, liposuction --- please look for exclusivity in testimonials directed toward cosmetic vaginal surgery.

John R Miklos MD 
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Thank you for your question. You are a good candidate for labiaplasty based on the picture. Please consult with a board certified PS for evaluation

Ven Erella, MD
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Labiaplasty candidate

You are definitely a candidate for a labiaplasty. Most women want the most aesthetically beautiful genital area they can have, thus I created my technique of doing labiaplasty called the True Labiaplasty. I recently presented my technique at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
There are many type of labiaplasty procedures. I personally prefer my method of doing labiaplasty procedures using a modified posterior wedge technique. It can give you very good symmetry of the labia, it looks the best aesthetically, and postoperatively they experience less pain in my experience. In addition, many patients have more satisfying sex since the sensitive thin delicate labial edges are left intact. You can learn more on the link below.  Details are on my website on the link below. Your concerns are exactly the reason why I developed my technique. Good luck.

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Thanks for your question.

The short answer is "yes", you are "normal", but that does not mean things cannot be improved. By virtue of having symptoms of laxity, you are a potential candidate for either nin-surgical or surgical tightening, the former with ThermiVa, the latter being a surgical labiaplasty. 
I recommend you  consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist well versed in both. Best of luck to you.

Ram Kalus, MD
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Normal anatomy

We are born with all different sizes and shapes of labia, some larger and some smaller. This is all considered normal. However, for many women, larger labia can be extremely bothersome. Your concern is a very common one that bothers many women of all ages. This can be corrected with a labiaplasty.

Does my vagina look normal?

Thank you for your question and photograph. There is a wide variation in the size and appearance of a women's anatomy, and your vagina falls well within normal. Some women may have, or develop, enlarged or asymmetrical labia that can make exercise, sexual intercourse, or wearing certain types of clothing difficult. In these instances, a labiaplasty allows for a reduction in the size of the labia, while also making a more symmetrical pairing. As your labia minora appear to be beyond level of your labia majora, surgery can help reduce the size of your tissues and leave you with a smaller overall appearance. See a labiaplasty specialist in consultation.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
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