Slight double bubble in right breast, will it correct on its own? (Photos)

Ba was done 6/17/16 My left incision wouldnt heal it kept reopening implant became exposed it was removed 7/30/16. I now have noticed a double bubble. My ps didnt say he lowered my crease 430 cc uhp under muscle. Will it correct it's self over time does it need to be fixed when I get my revision. Does it look like I'm gonna bottom out?? If I need it fixed should the ps do the same for the left breast I see my ps next Thursday, anything I need to know, ask , talk with my ps about??

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Double bubble

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Hello, it is feasible that your breast shape will continue to change for 4-6 months postoperatively.  However, it sounds like you already have proper followup appointments booked with your surgeon, and they will be in the best position to advise whether surgical revision will be needed.

Slight double bubble in right breast, will it correct on its own?

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At this point, I don't know that your breast will change much. You should discuss options for revision with your surgeon so that you can coordinate the surgery with having the left implant replaced. If you want to keep your large size, your surgeon may be able to score your breast tissue to minimize the deformity.

It will not correct itself

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I am sorry that you had problems with your surgery. The size of implants were too big for your breast tissue and the correction would involve downsizing the implants and repairing the inframammary fold. I would suggest removing your right implant too and then after 3 months use smaller implants in combination with fat grafting. 

Bottoming out will need correction

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry about the problems you have. 

You do have some bottoming out on the right or at least a significant difference in the outline of the breast tissue and the implant. Most likely this is due to lowering the fold or inframammary crease. This will not correct itself but will need to be addressed at the time of your revision. Without seeing you I cannot make specific recommendations. But sometimes switching to a surgical plane on top of the muscle can help. You should discuss this with you plastic surgeon. 

Best of luck to you,

David B. Reath, MD

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