Can I somehow get a skin replacement or any kind of plastic surgery to get a healthy looking vagina back?

I started shaving at an early age and it broke me out. I was too embarrassed to tell any one , so I waited years and finally told my mom. By then it had gotten to bad. It's all bumpy and wrinkled & it even got darker. It's embarrassing and I don't want to have sex because of it so I try to avoid relationships but I'm In one now and I really don't know what to do. I've tried using bleaching creams and tend skin to get rid of the ingrown hairs but it's like my skin is just done for down there.

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Bumpy and wrinkled vulva

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I'm sorry to hear about the appearance of your vagina. I know how distressing this must be. Without a photo I can't comment specifically so I would recommend you see a cosmetic vaginal surgeon. Since your concerns have to do with skin quality, color, and texture there are some laser treatments that you may be a candidate for.

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What can I do to get a "healthy looking Vagina?"

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I am sorry you are having problems.  Embarrassment about the way our body looks is very painful.  Withholding relationships and intimacy can make our lives lonely.  You can share some photos on Real Self to show us what you are talking about.  Everyone's body looks different and its quite possible your body looks fine and is normal.  See your gynecologist for an examination.  Many times its not the way your body looks or the health of your body - its just the way you feel.  I would not use bleaching creams or other treatments without professional evaluation.

Bumpy vulva

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Sorry to hear of  your dilemma but perhaps a photo will help out?  You probably should see a cosmetic vaginal surgeon.  Skin replacement will not be an option but probably some type of laser therapy might be helpful

Laser works for some, but a photo would help

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See your gynecologist first and get checked for pathologic conditions of the vulva first. If you have none and it's purely cosmetic, then consider laser resurfacing. A photo would help.

Laser Resurfacing

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lasers. That's the answer for you. Skin replacement is on the right track. Skin resurfacing with lasers is the answer. There are two lasers that can treat your issues. A co2 laser will help remove the outer layer of skin and a PDL could help with some areas of discoloration. Find a doc who has both. Photos sent by email can work for a pre consult as well. 

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