Question about orbital floor implant after orbital decompression?

I posted photos here of my hypoglobus that has occurred 15 years after an orbital decompression for Graves' disease. I took the advice and went to see an oculoplastic surgeon that is very reputable where I live. He wants to put an 8mm "plastic" floor to replace where my eye has bottomed out. I do suffer from headaches since it started sinking 3 yrs ago. However, I'm more nervous about this than I was my decompression. What should I expect long term from this kind of surgery? Recovery time?

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Hypoglobus 15 years after eye decompression.

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Sorry to hear about your problem. It seems you have thought good advice.The plastic material is often a silicon derivative. It has the advantage of not requiring harvesting therefore simplifying the operation. There are others options.Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Best wishes.

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