How Long Should I Wait to Schedule a Breast Augmentation After the Removal of a Fibroedenoma?

I've been wanting a breast augmentation for a few years now. Then a few months ago I realized that I had a lump. Had a mamo and it is a benign tumor. I am having it removed next week. Now does this mean that I am now prone to breast tumors? How long should I wait to get an augmentation done after the removal?

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Timing of a breast augmentation after a fibroadenoma excision

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If your breast lump has been removed and it was a benign fibroadenoma  then you should be fine to proceed with a breast augmentation.  A fibroadenoma is not a pre-malignant condition.  The timing of the breast augmentation would depend on the location of the incision for removal of this benign tumor.  

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How long to wait

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Having one fibradenoma does not mean that you will have another one. You should be healed with no evidence of infection before having a second elective procedure. I would suggest waiting at least 3 months. However, if you don't wish to wait, your plastic surgeon could remove the tumor and do the augmentation at the same time. This is not adviseable, however, if there is any concern of malignancy.  Good luck to you.

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How Long Should I Wait to Schedule a Breast Augmentation After the Removal of a Fibroedenoma?

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Thank you for the question.

A lesion that has been worked up and found to be a benign can be removed during the time of breast augmentation surgery. This is especially true if the lesion is close to the planned incision for the breast surgery. If you are planning on having the procedures done in “stages”, best to wait approximately 3 months for resolution of swelling etc. Best wishes.

Breast Augmentation Possible

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Having a benign breast tumor such as a fibroadenoma does not exclude you from breast augmentation.  Specifics about timing and breast implant choice necessitates an evaluation by an experienced plastic surgeon.  In general, it is best to wait until scars from benign tumor removal are soft and mature before your breast augmentation.

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Breast biopsy and augmentation

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If you can find a plastic surgeon who will do your biopsy and your aug. then they can be done together. The biopsy will cause some asymetry which could be helped or corrected by your implants. If you have all ready decided on your surgeon for the biopsy, then wait 6 months to see what the biopsy defect looks like before your augmentation.

Terry A. Cromwell, MD (retired)
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Fibroadenoma can be removed at the same time as breast augmentation.

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It's not unheard of to remove a benign breast lesion at the same time is breast augmentation. If everyone a certain this is a benign condition the augmentation can be done concurrently.

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