I had Restylane for my under eye hollows in Aug & unhappy with the result. Should I get it corrected by adding some more?(photo)

This is just a follow-up from my previous post..I think that the restylane wasn't injected in the right dermal plane and made the hollows worse. I regret getting it done as I only have minor under eye hollows to begin with..Going back to my ps is not an option at the moment, due to financial restraints and distance - he's in CA and I'm in FL. I am hoping someone here could recommend a ps close to North FL who is familiar with cases like mine. Thank you!

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Restylane under the eyes

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Injectibles under the eyes for hollows and wrinkles are very challenging and require a very skilled injector! Your injector must understand the anatomy of the eyelid and cheek, the pros and cons of the different injectibles, evaluate your unique variations and have the skill level to try to achieve your desires.

  • Skin tightening with ZO Obagi Skin Health and Peels
  • Laser and Light therapies
  • Deep fillers along the bone
  • Sculptra
  • Surgery
  • There are too many options and considerations to offer you without a proper exam.

Word of mouth followed by responsible social media like RealSelf should direct you to a well experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or other expert injector to help you.

I wish you the best!

There are various websites where you are able to research Plastic Surgeons in your area.

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There are various websites where you are able to research Plastic Surgeons in your area. Schedule an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to obtain an accurate assessment. 

All the Best. 

Should I get more filler under my eyes

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There are many experienced physicians in Florida. Look on the RealSelf site for some who are close to you and see them for in-person consultations. While I see a bit of what you are talking about, I really don't think it's terrible. We become hypercritical of ourselves at times, and this can result in thinking something looks much worse than it does. At nearly one year post injections, your Restylane should be going away on its own. An experienced physician should be able to determine in person if you have some left and inject a product called hyaluronidase to remove it. Or you can add some too. But you need to be very clear with your new injector as to what you are looking for with your results.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

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