I had a perineal tears after I had my daughter. My stitches came out too early; is this repairable?

Is this repairable? And would it be cheaper by a plastic surgeon or a obgyn doctor? And what would the surgery be called that I would need?

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Can I be fixed after having a baby and my stitches came out too early?

The answer is a definite yes.  Having a baby is a big deal.  Congratulations.  Sorry you are having problems.  This falls under the price of being a mother.  Mother's sacrifice so much; women have far more difficult lives than do men!   The good news is that a woman's body is designed for this - and your vagina and the outside - the perineum can be repaired and should heal well.  The name of the procedures you likely need to have done are vaginoplasty and perineoplasty.   I would recommend you see a gynecologist or urogynecologist.  A urogynecologist is a gynecologist that specializes in the repair of pelvic organ prolapse and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.   My recommendation is not based upon the fact that these are my specialties.  Plastic surgeons can do nice work for women when it comes to external appearance of genitalia assuming they specialize in this field.  The issue is that you need to consult with someone who understands pelvic organ prolapse and the functionality of a woman's internal and external anatomy.   I would't necessarily see just any OBGYN - many Obstetricians spend their time delivering babies rather than doing surgical repair.  

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What to do about perineal tears after childbirth?

What to do depends on what your problem you are trying to fix. Nonetheless, resuturing doesn't work well in the first 3 months. Without additional information it's unclear whether you are seeking a functional or an aesthetic goal.

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Thanks for the question.  I think first of all you need to tell the surgeons here why you want the repair performed:  1) is it for cosmetic reasons?   2) is it for enhancing friction for intercourse  or 3) both.  It makes a difference is this is for cosmetic reasons or function.    If the sutures just came out and you just had a baby in the last 5 weeks then you should do nothing at this time as you can not just put sutures in after it has been repaired for at least 12 weeks. . It will heal on its own and most of the time it will heal just fine.  If it does not heal to your liking then you need to be assessed by someone who is asking the right questions and someone who understands pelvic floor reconstruction.  If you are choosing if just for looks then you might consider a plastic surgeon but if you are worried about looks and function you really to find a surgeon who deals with pelvic floor reconstruction on  daily basis.  Do not limit your choice to a surgeon based upon being a plastic surgeon, location or cost as cheapest is not always the best.
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Repair of the Perineum

Good Morning Ajababi25,I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this dilemma. Based on your description it sounds as though the procedure you seek is called a perineoplasty that can be performed by a gynecologist, urogynecologist or plastic surgeon. Perineal tears and episiotomy normally are repaired with sutures that are absorbed by the body and do not have to be removed thus it sounds as though you may have had a breakdown of the repair prior to complete healing; without a photo this can only be speculated. Your best option is to have a thorough examination of the area by an experienced pelvic surgeon to discuss your options as well as costs.

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I had a perineal tears after I had my daughter. My stitches came out too early; is this repairable?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your incision issues after delivery.  Without a photograph to be certain you are likely describing a perineoplasty procedure to help realign your tissues and repair the separation and elongation that likely occurred.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation for advice on treatment options.  Best wishes.

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Perineal tear from childbirth

Tears during childbirth are very common and sometimes certain suture material can dissolve too quickly resulting in separation of the wound. In my experience a gynecologist who performs vaginal surgery hould be able to correct the problem. I would ask your OB/Gyn to repair the defect or refer you to another doctor who can. This can deffinately be corrected.Leslie Kardos MD

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