Help fixing asymmetrical face? (Photo)

I am considering getting a rhinoplasty and possibly a chin implant? I really just want some advice on how to fix my face asymmetry. It's not something that I see much when looking in the mirror, but every time I see a picture of myself I notice it and it drives me crazy. I'd also like to make my nose less pointy. My ultimate goal is to look very natural, and still look like myself. I don't want to look like a completely different person, and am scared I'm going to ruin my face...

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Correcting asymmetry of the nose and chin region

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It is possible to improve the symmetry of your face as well as reduce the pointed or projected nature of your nose. An anatomic chin implant can not only improve your profile but correct the more deficient side of your chin region. I agree that performing a rhinoplasty and chin implant should leave you with a more natural result or the result if too much is done can give you a "done" look and should be avoided. Also, by reducing the length of your nose would bring more balance especially in conjunction with a chin implant so that your lower lip line is in the same plane as your chin on profile views. An in office examination would allow you and your surgeon to have a better idea as to what can be done to improve your aesthetic concerns.

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Facial Asymmetry

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As some of your facial asymmetry is the result of your jawline, getting a chin implant is very relevant. Your jawline and lower face is shifted to one side making the chin point asymmetric and having greater fullness on one side at the perioral mound area. Getting your chin centered and reducing the fuller side would help reduce the visible lower facial asymmetry.


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Everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry. If it is markedly pronounced it is termed "hemifacial microsomia". A thorough physical examination would be of great benefit in discerning your concerns and formulating a treatment plan. Of note however, perfect symmetry is difficult to achieve, but we always strive for it.

Facial asymmetry

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Hello,Facial asymmetries are extremely difficult to correct when they are subtle. We all have asymmetric faces mostly due to skeletal issues as well as the fact that our faces form by two separate structures coming together in the middle while we are developing. Typically, I advise patients that asymmetries can be slightly improved in a best case scenario but never resolved entirely.With that said, the goal of every surgery including rhinoplasty and chin augmentation is to achieve natural results that don't draw attention to themselves. I recommend looking at before/after photos on the surgeon's website as well as going through photographic analysis with a surgeon.Kind Regards,

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