Can I use a dermaroller on a mole removal hole ? (photos)

Hi, about 8 months ago I had a mole on my back removed , there was nothing wrong with it I was just self conscious because of its size . The scar has left a big hole on my back. I use scar treatment twice a day but nothing's filling the hole. The mole didn't grow back but what did appear looks like some brown spots or freckles . Can I use a derma roller to fill the hole despite the brown spots/freckles ? Thankyou

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Dermaroller/Mole Removal Scar--Scar Treatment/Lasers, Gel, Steroid Injections

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Dermarollers wouldn't improve this scar. This type of scar should be treated with lasers, biocorneum gel, and potentially intralesional steroid +/- 5FU injections to improve the appearance. I suggest seeing a cosmetic dermatologist if you are concerned with the scars apperance.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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