Does anyone know how to lower brows without surgery? My eyes have huge gaping holes between the brow bone and eyeball (Photo)

I'm having an extremely hard time adjusting to a terrible eye lift. The doctor recommended lifting the outer brows to help with crows feet but some how performed a full eye lift instead pulling and lifting my brows up and apart from in between the eyes completely changing my look. Totally the opposite of what I was expecting and the only fix they can offer is another surgery to lower the brows. Anyone have any suggestions on getting the brows down without surgery?

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Does anyone know how to lower brows without surgery? My eyes have huge gaping holes between the brow bone and eyeball

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Your eyebrows are fine, but you have lost fat volume between the brow and the eyelid giving you the hollowed look above your upper eyelids. This is best treated with fat transfer to restore the volume. I would start with Restylane Lyft injections first to see how you like the result though. This is actually a very common procedure. and should be performed with a micro-cannula as opposed to a needle, and by someone with experience with this procedure.Thank you for your interesting question and the photos.


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You can use botox to block the frontalis function. This would be minimal and temporary. You can use a light colored eyeshadow in the crease so that the crease doesn't look as deep. Other than that, I'd recommend the surgery. 

Tracy E. McCall, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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"Gaping holes" after brow lift

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The solution for you isn't to lower the brow. It's already been lifted and will eventually descend with age anyway. To correct your appearance, my recommendation would be to utilize fat injections. Essentially you have a hollowed out look which can easily be remedied by replacing the volume around your eyes. Fat transfer is an excellent method to accomplish this. Now if you lack fat to transfer, you do look thin, then volumizing with fillers is another alternative. Seek out an experienced plastic surgeon who can guide you. I wish you the best.

Arnold Almonte, DO
Roseville Plastic Surgeon
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