Typically when can you start shopping for a new bra after your breast reduction?

Typically when can you start shopping for a NEW bra after your breast reduction? My PS wants me in my surgical bra for 6 weeks. Just wondering if at the 6-8 weeks point if o will be able to judge if I'll be at my New Size? I never thought to ask her at my last apt??

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Try New Bras Gradually After Reduction

I suspect you are really enjoying the changes to your life after having reduction, and eager to enjoy new bras.  My patients are welcome to start bra shopping 6 weeks after surgery, but notice lesser changes in breast shape for a few months.  There are a few issues:  You will not need heavy support bras in the future, so there are many options, some patients continue wearing soft cup fabric bras indefinitely, some of our patients like sports bras for daily wear, and those that prefer more support or shaping migrate back to underwire bras.  Not all brands fit the reduced breast well, partly because it has a rather wide base, so shop different stores and brands.  And, as an example a 38C may work better than a 36D, with similar breast volume.  You might not need the tighter band size after reduction.  Finally, your plastic surgeon's office staff can probably be of great assistance, so call upon their experience.

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Bra shopping


You will be swollen for a while after your surgery. You should wear your surgical bra for 6 weeks as advised by your Plastic Surgeon, but I think after 6 weeks, it would be too early to definitively say that at that point that will be your NEW size. Whilst you can go out and buy new bra's at this point, you should be weary that your final result is safer to be evident at the 6 month mark when all the swelling should have settled. 

Happy shopping!

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Bra After Breast Reduction

Thank you for your question. I usually tell my patients not to buy anything too expensive for at least 3 months. By then, the majority of your swelling will be resolved and, most likely, you will not lose a full cup size after that. I let my patients get back to a wired bra as long as the incisions are well healed and it feels comfortable. Most women choose to get rid of their wired bras! Good luck. 

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Typically when can you start shopping for a new bra after your breast reduction?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure.  It will probably be in your best interest to wait at least 6 months after surgery before shopping for expensive bras. Up to that point, I suggest patients where soft, non-under wired bras.

Best wishes.

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