Yellow clear substance around incision site. Painful. (Photo)

Left breast areola incision doesn't look good and in pain. I had breast scar revision 2 weeks ago. My steri strips was pulled off on my follow up about 6 days, and that area starting bleeding. The steri strip was put back on. So I went for a walk and then took a shower and the steri strip came off,and this is what I'm seeing. I'm experiencing some pain and a little nausea. Does this look like a infection? I'm worried , aching pain now

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Delayed healing post BBR

Hi - thanks for your question. From the pictures it looks like a little area of delayed healing with superficial slough.  I would contact your surgeon for advice but if you were my patient I would recommend daily showers and dressing change.  Good luck

London Plastic Surgeon
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Just a small incision separation.  This should do fine with an antibiotic ointment placed several times a day.  There is no infection so no need for oral antibiotics at this time.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Dear NickyKane,

Thanks for your pictures.  The area does not look infected to me.  There is a small wound that needs attention.  Please revisit with your plastic surgeon for the best treatment options. Good Luck!

Yellow clear substance around incision site. Painful.

Over the internet I can not even guess! Best to immediately return to see your chosen operative surgeon..

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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