African Amerian Woman and Laserburns. Will my Skin Return to Normal? (photo)

I have pink spots on my face after having laser hair removal? Will my skin ever retain is natural color?

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Will My Skin Return to Normal?

I do believe in time the marks will fade; it is very important to keep the area protected while it’s healing.  The best thing to do to assure that is to make sure you keep sun exposure to a minimum and apply sun block as often and thoroughly as possible. Don’t do anything that would over exfoliate the skin or pick at it as well; letting the skin heal the way it was intended is the best thing for it. “Dr. D”

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Laser Hair Removal for Ethnic Skin

We have seen patients reffered to our office from these types of burns and for the most part, patients do well.  The key is to not get any sun exposure and to wear SPF 30. Do not pick any scabs or use any harsh scrubs, loofahs or  wash cloths on the area. Cleanse the area with a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil or Cerave.  Often times, getting on a mid potency prescription steroid cream will help reduce inflammation.  If you do not have one, it would be best to see a local dermatologist in your area so they may prescribe something for you.

Not all lasers are good for ethnic skin. If you do decide to have laser hair removal treatments again make sure the provider has experience in treating ethnic skin and that they are using a laser called the ND Yag which is great for all skin types.

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Post laser discoloration

Usually, these changes return to pre-treatment color after several weeks or months. Follow up with your treating doctor, avoid sun and use strong sun block. 

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Laser Side Effect and Recovery

Hi Eugenia.  Although it's impossible to say for sure, we do believe that you will recover well.  Keep the area well moisturized and stay out of the sun.  Do NOT pick any scabs.  Proper healing and repigmentation is likely if the lighter areas are well cared for.  If you are not comfortable returning to the same office for care, then find a local dermatologist or family physician to take a look at it and prescribe care.  

PS - Not sure if this was a Yag laser, but do not get another treatment unless the office is using a Yag laser.  Good luck.

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