Distinguishing CTE from AGA by observation over years.

Is there a window of time with CTE symptoms after which it becomes less likely it's AGA? In nearly 2 yrs of sporadic shedding, typically at minimum 100-150 a day to maybe 200-300+ during hair loss "spikes", my hair has waxed and waned from fuller to thinner. With perpetually "carved out" temples and no obvious crown thinning, just diffuse loss and roughly 50% less density than before this started, I look like a poster child for CTE. After a number of mos. or yrs, is AGA less likely?

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Great question and you're very much in tune with the complexities of these diagnoses!....If your photographs look the same after 3-4 years of "shedding" - it's likely you have CTE rather than AGA....However, you can still develop AGA.... It would be a mistake to assume you are free from any possibility to develop AGA....It would be unlikely but not impossible.

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If you have not developed frank balding, then you most probably have CTE. You need a diagnosis made by a doctor who understands this process.

William Rassman, MD
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