What size breast can I go to?

I am scheduled for my breast reduction October 5 , I weigh 195 , I'm 5'5 and breast size is a 38i , if I loose some weight at least 20 to 30 pounds , what cup can I go to ?? , and how can I loose this weight , my surgeon has told me that he does not perform surgery on patients with a bmi of 35 and I have a bmi of 33 , I really need to get my weight down but it's been hard

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What size breast can I go to?

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Hello I'm sorry you are experiencing such a hard time loosing the requirement weight to perform procedure with your surgeon however there is some surgeons and facilities designed to operate patients with a BMI limit up to 40 the cup size will depend really will not be able to be fully determined till the actual procedure is being performed but you can get down to a full DD or D Best of luck.

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