Recovery from breast implant removal. How long will I have to wait before I can pick up my 20 lb daughter, or return to work?

I have had 375 cc implants under the muscle for 3 1/2 years and I want them taken out asap! How long after surgery do I have to wait before I can pick up my 20 lb daughter? How long until I can return to work? Will they use general or local anesthesia?

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Implant removal.

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Typically for removal of implants this is done under general anesthesia or sedation. in addition to the removal of implants will determine how quickly you can return to work. Return to work also depends on what you do for a living (administrative work vs manual labor).

Recovery from implant removal

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This procedure can generally be done under local anesthesia unless the surgeon feels for some reason that you need to go to sleep.  As far as recovery goes you would need only about a day to rest and then can resume your normal activities.

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