How long will it take after my consultation for my Breast reduction considering school starts August 9?

My consultation is July 21 , my doctor told me that I would get my surgery before school starts, so I won't miss much of school. Could a doctor do a surgery the next week from consultation? ?

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Breast Reduction before School starts

Vacation time is a busy time for Plastic surgeons because students and teachers want to use it for their operations. As a result, it is hard to get on the OR schedule with many bust surgeons who are booked months in advance. If your breast reduction is insurance based you will have little chance in getting it approved and scheduled in this time frame. The insurance companies usually drag their feet and it cannot be scheduled without a formal approval from the insurance. If the reduction is to be paid out of pocket you stand s much better chance but it all depends on the schedule of the surgeon and the facility he operates it to accommodate you. You may want to verify his availability with your surgeon. 
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