Jackson Botox Provider Recommendations

I am searching for a Doctor that is highly recommended for Botox injections in and around the Jackson, MS area. I have currently used the same doctor for last two years and don't feel like I am getting the same amount as when I started. The price keeps going up and fewer injections. Can anyone recommend one? thanks

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Jackson Botox Provider Recommendations

You have every right to exlore other options.  Allergan's botox and the ASPS physican locators would be starting points.  When comparing botox pricing, ensure that you are comparing appropriately. Different facilities mix differently and less reputable are constantly being found out to be using botox knockoffs.

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Should I stick with my Botox injector if prices increase?

Hi Kitkat. Unfortunately, we do not have a recommendation for a physician in your area, but we may be able to provide some insight for you anyway. If your practitioner is using fewer injection points and the results are staying the same, it could just be that he/she is getting better at performing the service.

As Doctor Farris points out, Botox is most often sold by the unit so it's a fair question to ask your practitioner if the same number of units are being injected now as with previous treatments. If your results are the same each time, chances are the units are the same too.

Finally, Allergan, the makers of Botox, do raise the prices every single year so the price changes from your physician may be just a response to the higher prices we pay for the product itself.

If you are happy with the results, we would err on the side of caution and stick with what you know best, your current practitioner. Good luck.

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With botox it's all about results.

If you are happy with the results you are getting then I would stay where you are.  Sometimes over time the injection pattern might change.  This is not unusual. Most physicians charge by the unit (not by the injection) and the office should be able to explain their pricing to you. . 

Patricia Farris, MD
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