Pregnancy after lift and lipo

Well, I thought I was finished having children, but we've had a change of heart. If I do not breastfeed, what are the chances of me having minimal changes to the shape and placement of my breasts? Doc also did a capsulorraphy, so I am wondering if that will help? My lift, as well as lipo to the thighs and abdomen, was about 1.5 years ago. Am I doing something damaging to my body if I get pregnant again? Thanks!

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All bets are off after pregnancy

You are not doing anything damaging to your body by getting pregnant but all bets are off  in terms of the appearance of your breasts, thighs and abdomen.  You may need revision in all three areas because the amount of weight gain, skin changes and breast changes are very unpredictable in terms of appearance. 

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Withhold Breastfeeding To Avoid Breast Changes

Even if you do not breastfeed, your breasts will change during pregnancy. No one can predict how breast shape will change in response to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Capuslorraphy in the past is irrelevant. To hold off breastfeeding your child and the long-term benefits that come with that so that you may possibly avoid or minimize cosmetic changes to your breast is a decision only you can make. You are not "doing something damaging to [your] body" by getting pregnant again. Pregnancy changes are natural changes, I wouldn't consider them "damaging." There are many woman who undergo revision plastic surgery after having a baby. There are many others who do not need any revision plastic surgery after having a baby. Best of luck.

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