I've Heard Stories of Tummy Tuck Swelling 2 Years Post-op. Is This True?

im due to have a tt in dec, i have a constant protruding tummy that gets worse as i eat. my concern is: reading threads on tt they say they are still swelling nearly 2 yrs after a tt, and that fat has gone to their bottoms and legs after lipo? this has freaked me out as i thought u swell for about 3 or so months but not for 2 yrs! is this true,why do the swell? would i swell as bad as i look now or worse?

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Swelling Dissipates Gradually But Most is Gone Within Weeks

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When you read about time of swelling after tummy tuck, people may mean different things.

Most of the swelling (certainly what you'd see in clothing) is generally gone within a few weeks of surgery.

Some swelling persists just above the lower abdominal/pubic scar for months, gradually dissipating over 12-18 months. This is usually minor and not something you'll see unless undressed.

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Post- abdominoplasty swelling

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At two years post-abdominoplasty, you should not have any significant swelling. I would go see a surgeon to be evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fullness after tummy tuck

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I would agree with Dr, Rand, in that much of your fullness appears muscular. I would encourage you to first try a core strengthening regimen to promote improved muscle tone.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Swelling 2 Years Post-op

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Not really a true statement. I have NEVER seen 2 year post operative swelling following a tummy tuck. Best to see in person a boarded surgeon in your area. 

Swelling after a tummy tuck

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From your photo you look to have dramatic muscle laxity which should be much better with a properly done TT.  3-4 months should be all you need to resolve the swelling as long as the muscle repair is done right and holds up.

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