It's Been Almost 1 Year Since my Full Tt. I Am Seeing New Stretch Marks. What Causes These?

I have been exercising but not until recently. Being diabetic, the recovery from the tt and lipo has been slow and long.

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Stretch marks

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These are rubber bands that are broken from aging or overstretching.there really is no permanent solution short of excising them with a tummy tuck.

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Stretch marks and their cause.

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Stretch marks are simply scars in the deep skin caused by rapid expansion of the skin. Unfortunately, the only cure for stretch marks is surgical removal. The most common cause for women is pregnancy. After a tummy tuck, some swelling occurs and this can at times mask the appearance of stretch marks only to have them "reappear" after the swelling subsides.

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Stretch marks may simply appear different

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Typically,  all of the stretch marks below the belly button are removed as part of a tummy tuck.  However, if you had stretch marks above, they would still be present but may just appear different, usually better. 

New stretch marks could occur with major weight gain.  One other explanation, although not likely, is that in the process of stretching your skin at surgery, some stretch marks could have been caused,  but you would expect them to have appeared much earlier.

Hopefully you are overall pleased with your outcome.  Unfortunately, despite many claims, there is no definitive treatment for stretch marks.



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