Its Been Almost 1 Year Now, How Can I Dissolve a Overfilled Fat Transfer to my Cheeks and Under my Eyes?

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Challenging process

If there is a focal area of lumpiness, injection with steroids or 5FU may be helpful, as can surgery.

However, if you unhappy with the overall effect of fuller cheeks, that is more difficult to address. Photos would be helpful, and an in person consultation would be required.

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Over-filled facial/eyelid fat

There is not easy answer that works for everybody. Every situation is different. Options include steroid/5FU injections, micro-liposuction, and surgical removal. See an oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon.

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At one year following a fat transfer procedure, the degree of volume augmentation is essentially permanent.  Options to dissipate the fat are injections with steroids or 5FU, micro-liposuction, or selected surgical excision.  All of these options such be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon.

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Treating Problems Resulting from Fat Transfer to the Face

For patients on whom I perform fat transfer to the face in my Manhattan plastic surgery practice, results seen one year after surgery reflect the result of the procedure.  If fat is noted in places or quantities not desired, options for correction may include microliposuction, injection with medication, or surgical removal.  I recommend seeking consultation with a facial plastic or plastic surgeon who performs fat transfer to the face on a regular basis to examine you in person and provide treatment recommendations to address your concerns.

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Fat tranfer

After one year, the results that you are seeing are likely permanent after your fat transfer. Certainly, all the swelling should be resolved. Reducing the amount of fat can be a difficult situation. The options include trial of local steroid injections, or sometimes localized surgery to remove the fat. You should find an experienced surgeon to try and determine your best option. 

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-Dr. Asaria

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