Its a Year After Lasik of my Eyes but Still Severe Dryness in Left Eye with -1.25 No. What to Do? Right Eye Has No Problem.

previously i.e before lasik my no. was -5 of both eyes but now right eye has no problem but -1 no. but left eye is paining alot what to do suggest something????

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Dryness and undercorrection post lasik

LASIK always causes some dryness, because when  you cut a LASIK flap, you cut most of the corneal nerves, which never grow back, which causes dryness

i had this problem myself after my own LASIK (i was the 1st eye surgeon in NYC to get LASIK himself), so that's why i switched to the noncutting LASEK procedure 7 years ago, which no longer causes dryness bc there is no cut or flap 

if you have dryness after LASIK, you need Restasis and punctal plugs

it's pretty bad to leave someone -1.25 after LASIK if you were only initially -5. the residual error should be proportional to the initial, so if i were LASEKing someone who was -5, the most i would ever leave that person would be -0.50. because i do LASEK, i can treat much higher Rx that LASIK can, so if i'm treating a -19, perhaps they might have a residual error of -1, but certainly not at an initial Rx of only -5

anyway, you also need an enhancement in that eye, which should be free. i wrote an article in refractive surgery advocating for lasering flaps, rather than what i used to do, which is lift up the flap and laser, or cut a new flap. unfortunately, only the top surgeons are now lasering the flap to enhance, which is safer and better. so try to encourage your surgeon to laser the flap, or maybe go to a surgeon who has already converted to this more modern and better technique (as most of the famous surgeons in the US have done)

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