5 weeks PO, area looks bigger than 2 weeks PO. Is this normal?

It's been 5 weeks since my tummy tuck. I'm concerned bc it's looking more fat/bigger/bulging then 2 weeks post surgery. I'm feeling good and I believe I'm healing nicely except for the bulging part. I haven't gained any weight and in fact lost few lbs since the surgery. The stomach is definitely smaller then pre surgery but I don't understand why it's getting fatter then couple of weeks ago. It's still swollen and I can feel the tightness. Is this normal?

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5 weeks PO, area looks bigger than 2 weeks PO. Is this normal?

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May or may not be normal to have more swelling at this point.  Either you have more global swelling and need to cut back on salty foods and speak to your surgeon OR you could possibly have a seroma. A seroma is a pocket of clear yellow non-infected fluid that can collect after operations like a tummy tuck, sometimes even with surgical drains in place.  If it is a seroma it will likely require needle drainage if it is sizeable. I would suggest returning to see your plastic surgeon for a full examination to see what is going on.

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