It's Possible in Bbl to Drs Do Regular Lipo then Laser Lipo at the Very End of Bbl?

I had a bbl on Oct 3 most of the fat transfer to my booty was gone in the first 3 weeks! My Dr did laser lipo so I thoug that killed the fat cells but she claims that is not true because she did fist a regular lipo harvest the fat injected to my booty and then at the end she did the laser lipo. Could that be possible?

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Will the fat survive after laser lipo?

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During laser lipo and brazilian butt lift, the laser is typically used at the end to tighten the skin, so it won't affect the fat.  If the laser is done before fat harvest, more fat will rupture, and less fat will be available for transfer.  You might want to find out how much fat was transferred.

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Regular lipo then laser at the end

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          I would trust what the doctor said, and it is possible that the laser was used only at the end to tighten the skin.  A multitude of factors affect final result including volume injected, weight gain or loss, patient factors, and recovery issues (sitting or putting pressure on the areas injected).  The procedure may be worth doing again to obtain more fat (if you have any left) and a greater volume transfer.  Typically, 50% or so of the fat survives, so I usually inject 1200 ml to 1500 ml per buttock.  Good luck.

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