It's a new atypical mole always melanoma? (photo)

Hi.I'm 26 years old and I developed a new mole at 14 weeks pregnant.It is big as a pencil eraser and it is irregular.I have 6 more atypical moles.I was at 2 dermatologist and my GP and they told me it looks normal.But now 9 months later I decided to take it off and I'm so scared it's going to be melanoma.I've read so many stories of wrong diagnoses and I regret I didn't do it earlier and that it's too late.I have a two months old baby and I can't sleep well eat well.I would appreciate any advise

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From the picture, the mole looks normal...

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moles frequently appear during pregnancy and those that are already there often change...only very rarely are they a problem and almost never a melanoma...your mole looks fine...if it really bothers you psychologically, have it taken off...easy to do...but it looks don't lose sleep over it...and enjoy your new baby...

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