It's Been Almost 4 Months Since my SMAS/Corset Plastymaplasty. When Can I Do a Revision? (photo)

irregularities under my chin. All said too soon to tell. Irregularities are still there and suspect it is what it is. I spoke with PS, no liposuction was done in the area. I had a bad cold/flu (fever & lots of coughing). I strongly suspect a major suture broke. Not only does the area not look good, the uneven stretching of the skin is painful and leads to painful spasms.Not sure if it is affecting the rest of my healing due to downward pulling.When can I safely redo the plastymaplasty?

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Neck revisions are only possible once the skin and underlying tissues are supple

In general, soft tissue surgery becomes possible again once the healing process is basically complete, and the tissues feel normal/supple again. For the area under the chin, 4-12 months is a reasonable window, with most ready by 6 months.

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4 Months after Corset Platysmaplasty

     4 months after a corset platysmaplasty there may be some areas that will even out over a few more months.  Your plastic surgeon can provide much more insight into this question.   The plastic surgeon will know your preoperative look and your progression as well as having the benefit of an exam.   Kenneth Hughes, MD facelift Los Angeles, CA

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Neck irregularities are tough

I think you have a few issues going on here.  I would first make sure the neck is not swollen from surgery so time is the first medicine you need to administer.  Second, I cannot tell what the etiology of the problem is in the photos, but I suspect is may be from loss of fat in the soft tissue.  You need to discuss with your surgeon and see if they are capable of repairing.

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Best to Wait a Year before considering a Facelift revision.

Final Healing Following Facelift is Progressive Over Many Months. Four months is too early to tell. In the interim massage may be helpful.

There are many predictable portions of the healing process that ALL PATIENTS EXPERIENCE. Although both doctor and patients would like to not have this happen, it is part of the healing process. These Side effects refer to what you will be experiencing from the facelift healing process: Here are some of the common things you will experience. The common side effects include: swelling which is maximum 2-3 days later, bruising (highly variable), numbness which takes several months to resolve,  tightness takes several days to months to resolve, discomfort chewing (technique dependent), discomfort (generally mild with this surgery, nausea (variable) and in some patients emotional lability in some. Although most of the visible edema resolves in 2-3 weeks in mini-lifts and 3-4 weeks in traditional facelift approaches, residual firmness (edema you feel but don’t see) can linger for several months. Skin suppleness also takes a while to return as does scar maturation. I tell my patients it takes up to a year for final resolution of the healing process. In my experience, the above rough time table is usually delayed in smokers, when multiple procedures are performed together and when resurfacing procedures are done at the same time as the lift. The same is true if complications occur such as infection, hematoma, skin loss or compromise, etc

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It's Been Almost 4 Months Since my SMAS/Corset Plastymaplasty. When Can I Do a Revision?

 At 6 months from the previous Neck Lift, you should be able to have a localized revision in an attempt to even out the platysmal irregularities.  

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Neck irregularities after facelift.

You need to NOT do anything for 2-3 months and then be seen by a VERY experienced plastic surgeon to properly evaluate your neck. 

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Neck irrigularities

The neck irrigularities is seen mostly from removing fat excessively. These are very difficult to correct. Once they occur, there are few things that can be done, fat transfer, or exploration and use of alloderm graft to smooth the area,

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