It's Been 8 Months Since my Rhinoplasty and my Nose Looks the Same. Is This Normal?

I am African American. My PS narrowed my nostril and straightened my bridge. It now feels like there is a step off between the sides of my nose and my bridge. My doctor was supposed to make my nose looks slimmer. My PS is in NYC and has been performing nose jobs for 30 years. My PS gave me two rounds of steroids beginning at the 4th month.

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Nose looks same after rhinoplasty

while rhinoplasty results can continue to evolve for a  very long time, at eight months you should have a fairly good idea of final result.  thus what it looks like now is likely close to what it will look like at one year

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Nose looks the same after rhinoplasty

It is always worth looking at your pre-op photos vs. now. Often patients forget what they looked like. it is still a bit early, there may be some more changes over the next few months. If unhappy get a second opinion.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Nose looks the same after rhinoplasty

I would expect you to notice at least some change to your nose after 8 months. It's hard to comment further without seeing your nose and what you looked like before surgery. It may want to compare current photos with postoperative ones to get a better idea of things.

Your nose will likely continue to evolve for about a year after surgery. If you have thick skin this will also prolong the skin redraping process and make it harder to see has dramatic changes to the size of your nose.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Rhinoplasty revision

I suspect you had an implant placed on the bridge and if that is the case you are probably feeling the edge of the implant. If that edge is not visible from the outside I do not understand why it should be an issue. If the bridge still looks flat the implant may have been a bit wide or not thick enough. The merits of changing it would be debatable.

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8 Months Postop

The description of your nasal problem you provided, indicates an issue with related to the way your nasal bones were cut during the surgery. It can be revised and your nose can be narrowed. Proper assessment can only be given upon clinical examination.

Kris Conrad, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post rhinoplasty eigth months

Since you are eigth months post surgery you should be seeing some differences from your preoperative appearance. Rhinoplasty surgery, especially in individuals with thick skin does take a full year to see your final results. I would suggest going into to see your surgeon and have him take some post operative photographs and then place those side by side and see if you see any differences then. Sometimes as you are healing and since it has been a full eigth months you may have over time become used to some of the subtle changes that may be appearing. Once you do a side by side comparison this will allow you to explain what changes you would like to see, what you don't like that you are seeing i.e."the step" etc and open a good line of communication with your surgeon so that he/she may be able to fully explain your expected results and your desires and see if those meet somewhere close together. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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Nose the Same 8 Months Post Rhinoplasty

I doubt your nose loos the same as it did before your rhinoplasty because you describe changes that were made. If your not satisfied with the result discuss this with your surgeon but remember that your nose will continue to change for at least one year, especially in a patient with thick skin.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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