Why Is My Incision Still Leaking?

Its Been 2 Months Since my Butt Augmentation. Half of my incision is healed but the other part keeps leaking! I take 2 different antibiotics a day and I clean the incision. Im getting so so tired of the leaking fluids. Ive had it stiched about 3 different times now. What else can I do?? I cant get them taken out because I don't have time off of work anymore. It was all used up for the operation.

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Leaking incision after butt implants

I recommend a follow up with your surgeon. He or she may need to culture the draining fluid to see if it is a seroma ( no infection so negative cultures) or a true infection, for which you may need intravenous antibiotics for salvage or implant removal.  If it is a seroma a drain may need to be replaced.  Good luck and take care!

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Buttock augmentation fluid leak still at 2 months

Assuming you had buttock implants placed, persistent fluid leaking out of the incision at 2 months post-op is usually not a good sign.  For me this is usually an indication that something is going on in and around the implant that may require removal sooner than later.  If this is indeed what your operating surgeon is suggesting than I would follow his recommendation to have them removed.  Glad to help... @drrryanstanton

Ryan Stanton, MD
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