It's Been 6 Months Since Liposuction on my Tummy and It Still Looks the Same. What is Wrong?

stomach, back and flanks

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Discuss results with surgeon

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First, ask your surgeon what they did. Second, see if you have a lot of loose skin that may be hiding your results. Sometimes, liposuction alone can make loose skin worse, and it's actually a tummy tuck that would better achieve expectations.  

6 Months after Liposuction and No Change

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  I liposuction 5 liters out at a time in most patients, and the transformation is dramatic.  You should find out the volume of lipoaspirate.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

No visible change after Liposuction....?

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I have heard this question several times from patients who have had liposuction done awake in a physicians office. 
The most common reason for this is that there was only a small amount of fat removed.  Frequently this from patients who have smart lipo or other laser liposuction procedures which are often done awake. 
If a large volume of fat was removed, then you have to be smaller unless you have gained weight.  The other thing which happens sometimes is people often forget what they used to look like.  That is one of the reasons why we take photos before and after.  I had patients who can't believe what they used to look like when they see their before photos.  Some patients do not think there is any change until they see their before and after photos.  Then they are amazed at the difference.

You can always ask your surgeon how much fat was removed.

No change after liposuction

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To answer this question, pre and post op photos would be beneficial.  The first question is whether you have gained weight after liposuction.  In many cases, I find that there is a bit of amnesia; patients can forget how much bulging they had preoperatively--until they review their own photos and are able to appreciate the difference.  If you are unhappy, then return to your plastic surgeon for re-evaluation with specific questions.  Best of luck.

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