Its been 2 months since Septoplasty/Turbinate reduction and I still have a stuffy nose. Will it ever stop?

more than ever.What's wrong is the snoring going to ever stop ? I sleep with a tooth guard at night hoping to breathe better and to get some sleep.please help me to solve my issue.

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Nasal congestion after septoplasty

Dear s settle,

  • Usually at 2 months, a lot of swelling has come down
  • You would need a physical exam to see what the cause of the breathing problems are
  • Sometimes, additional work may need to be done to get the results you are looking for
  • Snoring can also be caused by other things like big tonsils, it is a complicated problem because there are a few levels of the airway that might be affected
  • So the first step would be to get examined again and see your surgeon. If he/she cannot address your concerns, you can seek out a second opinion

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