It's Been 6 Days After Revision Rhino, and Got Hit in the Nose with a Tennis Ball?

Hi there, I am very worried that I might have damaged the results of my revision rhino, to fix a crooked nose. I was hit right on the tip of the nose with a tennis ball. The impact was pretty forcefull. Forcefull enough to get me very worried. I was not bleeding, but started to feel light headed for about 30-40mins. It was only 6 days ago that I had my sergury, I still have my cast on. Will this do damage to the results? If so, what should I do?

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Injury After Rhinoplasty

Well I can understand being dizzy. I am sure the tip was still pretty tender. While I am sure you can injure the work that was done, you probably did not. More than likely it just hurt really bad and the underlying work is intact. Being that said the easy answer is go see your surgeon and let them take a look. 

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Revision rhinoplasty injury

Hopefully, the trauma was not too severe and did not cause any permanent damage. The nose is still very vulnerable less than one week after surgery. Try applying ice and make sure to follow up with your surgeon.

Jamil Asaria, MD
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Trauma 6 days after rhinoplasty

I'm not sure how you allowed yourself to get hit by a tennis ball so early after surgery, but that's water under the bridge. I guess it's good that you still had your splint on. At this point you should rest and apply ice. Return to your surgeon for further instructions.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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Playing tennis 6 days after revision rhinoplasty?

Forgive me if you were simply attending a tennis event and were struck by a wayward ball, but even this seems a bit foolhardy, and playing tennis yourself 6 days post-op is not appropriate by ANY surgeon's standards.

You should certainly know better, especially since this is already a re-do operation. Whatever happened after your first rhinoplasty has certainly been "trumped" by this mishap, and the only thing worse than what you did would be for you to remove your cast to "see" if your nose is "damaged." Bleeding = scar tissue. Scar tissue = deformity. Removing splint prematurely can cause additional bleeding and deformity!

Please be honest with your surgeon, and if by some unfortunate happenstance you need yet another surgery, please have the kindness and sense to follow your surgeon's advice and recommendations religiously. Please stay away from events and personal activities that can cause these concerns.

You may be lucky and end up with no problem. But if you do need more surgery understand that even the best surgery in the world can be undone (permanently) by one thoughtless or stupid act or omission. Patients want their surgeons to be "perfect" and have 100% predictable outcomes, but some think they can just pay the fee and then do what they want after surgery. Results are partly derived from a surgeon's skill, but the remainder is directly a result of patient compliance (or NOT).

Again, forgive my tone if you were simply an unwitting bystander struck by an unbelievably errant ball. If not, I hope you're luckier than most! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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