It's Been 36 Days Now Since my Rhinoplasty, I Had Osteotomies Done and Rasping. I Still Have Wheezing and Dryness?

I have some traces of clear fluid with bad odor from time to time and traces of dots of fresh blood but not always. I ran the other day and the breathing from my nose felt a little heavy. After the surgery my left eye lid felt week and was teary, but now it's much better but it still tears up a little and cause slight blurring of my left eye, knowing that the clear fluid comes also from the left nostril. I had the surgery done by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, is he well known, because he says it normal.

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Symptoms after nasal surgery

36 days after rhinoplasty you still have swelling. Inflammation of the tear duct is common and may cause tearing and nasal discharge.

I would give it sometime and follow up closely with your doctor. It sounds like its part of the course and things should resolve with time.

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