Its Has Been 14 Months Since my Rhinoplasty. My New Sunglasses Left a Bump on my Nose and It Hurts. What Should I Do?

Hello, its has been 14 months since my rhinoplasty. I recently bought a new pair of sunglasses. After the first day i noticed pain on the bridge of my nose. I have a bony nose. As I removed the glasses I notice that there is a bump on a side of my nose which after 4 days still hurt and is red. Is this permanent? What should i do? Should i stop wearing the sunglasses?

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Nose Bimp after Rhinoplasty

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This bump could be a result of your nose not being used to the weight of the glasses, it should not be permanent. Refrain from wearing sunglasses until the irritation goes away. You could try wearing lighter sunglasses and/or wearing them for shorter periods of time. If this does not help to better the issue, it would be a good idea to speak with your surgeon.


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Stop wearing the sunglasses until the red disappears.  Thereafter, you may wish to try wearing them again after you have called and checked with your original surgeon.

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