It's been 3 1/2 weeks since my face lift surgery, neck, brow, eyes. How long will it take the sutures to dissolve?

My eyes are still almond shaped and don't close all the way. How long will it take for the sutures In my eyes to dissolve?

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How long will it take the sutures to dissolve

Depends - some sutures dissolve quickly, within 1 month while others can last for 6 months or more.  Some sutures are permanent.  So, best to ask your surgeon about this  What you are describing may not be related to the type or presence of sutures but the normal healing process. 

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How long for absorbable sutures to disappear after eyelid and facial surgery

Sutures placed on the outside of your lower eyelids, absorbable sutures are usually ones at dissolves in the first 10-12 days.  There are long-lasting sutures that are typically used beneath the skin which can take 3-4 months to dissolve.  Please see your plastic surgeon and ask exactly what was used.  Typically only nonabsorbable sutures are used on the eyelids and I removed at about 5 days.

Dissolvable sutures dissolve at different rates

I would talk to your plastic surgeon to see which sutures were used.  In general, sutures can dissolve 10 days to 6 months after a procedure depending on the suture.  

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Healing after your facelift

healing after your facelift
sutures used on the skin generally dissolve in 4-7 days.    sutures under the skin are used for different reasons
and can take weeks to months to heal .
eye shape usually returns to normal within 6 weeks depending on the top of surgery.

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It's been 3 1/2 weeks since my face lift surgery, neck, brow, eyes. How long will it take the sutures to dissolve?

Fast absorbing sutures dissolve at different rates.  It all depends on the type your surgeon used.  In general, it can take 4 to 16 weeks for all to dissolve.    Discuss this with your surgeon.

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Dissolving sutures are manufactured to disappear at different rates.

It all depends what type of dissolvable sutures were used by your surgeon. Fast absorbing sutures made be gone in several days. Others are manufactured to remain intact for many weeks.

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Eyelids and facelift

What type of sutures were placed?  If they were fast absorbing, they usually dissolve within 5 days. Others may last longer. Best to ask your surgeon what he used and how long they will stay.

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Dear Magstress4

Thank you for your question!  Its tough to answer about your eyelid sutures or the eyelid closure- since I do not know exactly what was done in your surgery.  Please consult with your surgeon. If you are experiencing dryness with your eyes then start using a lubricating gel like Theratears for Day and for Night.

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Trevor M Born MD

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How long for sutures to dissolve?

This is difficult to answer because it greatly depends on the particular suture material used by your surgeon. Personally, I mostly rely on sutures that are removed after 5-6 days and reserve absorbable "melt-away" stitches for select small areas. Removable sutures have the advantage of best control by the facelift surgeon but it requires additional work and time during removal. 

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How Long for Sutures to Dissolve

There is a wide variety of absorbable suture products as well as sizes all of which differs in when they absorb.
The location, age of patients and other factors are also variables - so hard to answer.
I would think that most used in this area would be gone in several months.

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