Septal Perforation Repair? (photo)

I had my 3rd revision rhinoplasty in Dec 2011. I've only had the tip done where the dr used septal cartilage. Consequently, I have a septal perforation. Also, after my surgery my skin opened externally along where the graft was placed. It was either an infection or my skin cannot tolerate any more surgeries. I am now looking to repair the septal perforation. I was wondering whether I could refine the tip further and narrow the middle part of the nose. Are there any more changes that you'd advise doing?

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Septal Perforation

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Your nose looks good; it fits with your face and is overall harmonious.  I wouldn't advise going into anybody's operating room to refine the tip or middle of the nose.  As for the septal perforation repair; the majority of septal perforations can be managed without surgery. The hole will never close but if the open, raw trailing edge of the perforation can heal, the vast majority of symptoms resolve. The open irritated and raw surface must be continuously covered with a cream using a cotton applicator. This will prevent this area from drying out, cracking, bleeding, forming a scab and crusting up. A few months of successful application will allow the ulcerated edge to heal and reduces or resolves symptoms. "Dr. D"

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Septal perforation

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Leave the external nose alone, no more surgery, you already have nasal sill stenosis.

the septal perforation need to be evaluated and depending on the size can be repaired. The bigger the hole the more extensive the surgery

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