Itchy Eyelids + Eyelashes Asian Blepharoplasty+ Medial Epicanthoplasty on 19.12.12?

had asian blepharoplasty+ medial epicanthoplasty on 19.12.12. This is day 20. 2 days ago, right hand eyelid edge + eyelashes began itching, it is increasing in intensity. Have noted increased swelling and redness. I have been to GP and cosmetic surgeon, they say that cannot see any increased swelling or reddness. Cosmetic surgeon recommended to use chlorsig. Am using artificial tears and chlorsig now. What else can i do? Could this be blepharitis?

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Itchy Eyelids after Blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty

     Blepharitis is certainly a possibility.  Did you have this prior to surgery?  At any rate, you have your surgeon and GP managing these problems.  You are still early. 

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