Itchy, Dry Scar from TT

I am 1 month post-ops from a TT. I have dry skin and have to moisturize alot, especially after I bathe. However, sometimes the incision site is so "dry" or itchy I find myself scratching until the skin is almost broken, resulting in raised skin/rash. I don't like this at all, especially since I am trying my best to let everything heal at its own pace. Can you offer any advise on what I can do or use to assist in the healing process? I've tried ice packs, cortizone creams and lotions. Thanks.

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Skin care and moisturizers after cosmetic surgery (tummy tuck and breast augmentation)

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Many of my patients find arnica cream or ointment available from Boiron at Whole foods or vitamin shops to be soothing. Ointment may be more moisturizing but is also described as "greasy." Alot of patients like the Aveeno line of colloidal oitmeal products as well.

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