Itchy Areolas

Formed dry patch on areola skin pealing/flaking. Had breast surgery back in Sept 2011 advised surgeon that I participated in a mud run on 03/26. Dry patch/rash is on the incision on areola L breast & above areola R breast. Issue seemed to start after mudrun. Prescribed Cephalexin 500MG 3x a day 1 wk. Itches, feels very uncomfortable & starting to look raw. Rewashed clothes, changed soaps to Ivory & stopped using bras to help it breath/heal better. Advised to see a Derm no explanation.

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Itchy Areola after Breast Augmentation

It is normal to have increased nipple sensitivity or itchiness following breast augmentation but it doesn's usually last this long. Considerations for you include dermatitis. infection from the mudrun, infection from scratching a dermatitis, or most worrisome, Paget's disease of the nipple, which looks like a rach, but is a form of breast cancer. Seeing a dermatologist is not a bad idea, but make sure they keep Padget's disease in mind. You should have a recent mammogram, and if the rash doesn't clear with medication, a biopsy of the area is crucial.

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