Itching, Stretched, Bumpy Stomach After Lipo. How/When to Start Treadmill? (photo)

after abdomen,hips,waist liposuction.cant wear compression garment due to itching .the abdomen is unevenly bumpy and rocky with skin stretched to the max. how fast/long can i take treadmill walk at this stage?.my legs feel cramped if i walk uphill even for 2 mts.i have a 9 mth old girl, so I was never actually in bed after stomach is more swollen now when compared to day after surgery. is that normal?

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Complications after liposuction

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It is possible to have complications after liposuction which can produce the symptoms that you are relating.  These complications need to be diagnosed in person with your physician to make sure that you get appropriate treatment.

You could have a seroma (fluid collection) beneath the skin which is creating tension or pressure and stretching the skin.

You could also have fibrosis (hardening) of the tissue. This is more likely after laser liposuction or VASER liposuction and you physician can instruct you on ways to treat that.

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