I had revision 2 weeks ago. Itching Sensation After Revision Rhinoplasty. Am I Developing Scar Tissue Again?

I had revision 2 weeks ago, because of multiply complications -pollybeack, open roof deformity and aditional scar tissue on supratip region more on the right side of my nose. Doctor removed this scar tissue and the nose look great, but I feel some itching on the place where the scar tissue were. Why? What does it mean? I'm worried that scar tissue started to develope again? How quickly does scar tissue form? I'm still taping the nose. Thank you in advance

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Itching Sensation After Revision Rhinoplasty. Am I Developing Scar Tissue Again?

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  The itching sensation is an indication of healing but not necessarily scar formation.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Sensations following Revision Rhinoplasty

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Whenever surgery is done, small nerve fibers are traumatized.  As they recover, any number of sensations can result, from tingling to itching to stinging.  I wouldn't worry about it.  Just follow your surgeon's instructions and you should heal fine.  Keep your follow up appointments because your surgeon can minimize scar tissue buildup if that seems to be happening and is caught early.

Itching and tingling are most often good signs

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Some mild degree of itching and tingling usually mean that sensation is about to return fully in the nose. This is a positive sign in the healing process. If your nose has some swelling and redness to it you may actually be experiencing a localized reaction to the tape you are using. Discussing this problem with your surgeon will help alleviate your fears. good luck!

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