Itching. Almost One Month After Breast Reduction and Still Having Itching All Over?

I am still having itching all over my body since my breast reduction. When I first woke up my head and other places itched, now I am itching all over. I'm not sure what to do about it. I am desperate for get this to stop.

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Itching probably not related to breast reduction.

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By all means see your plastic surgeon first, but you will probably need to see a dermatologist.

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Itching one month after breast reduction

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Generalized itching not just confined to your breasts after surgery may be related to medications, or contact with something. It might be best to see a dermatologist or allergist to be properly evaluated.

General itching after breast reduction

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Since you are experience itching all over the body, not just on the breast area, it's more likely that you are experiencing an allergic reaction. Do you have any other symptoms or signs such as rash or hives? Are you still taking any medications? You may be able to achieve temporary relieve with topical steroid cream but it's important to find source of the itching. Either follow up with your plastic surgeon or seeking a consultation with a Dermatologist.

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Itching One Month after Breast Reduction

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   Itching one month after breast reduction not confined to your breast may be due to a medication.  Anything started after the reduction should be considered.

Itching after breast reduction

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At one month postop, if the itching is systemic and not just in the breast area, then you should see a dermatologist to rule out another cause. You may need a Z-pack or other low dose steroids to alleviate the itching in the short run but a diagnosis is necessary.

Itching is often part of healing and can be experienced after breast reduction.

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In the occasional patient itching can be quite annoying. Usually ice packs for antihistamines can control the problem. Occasionally, more aggressive treatment with stronger medication is required.

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