Itching and Tram Lines 3 Weeks After Smart Dot, How To Correct This?

had a second smartdot this time i have itching and tram lines left on my neck,also my skin feels like sandpaper ,when i look close under a good light i can see all the dots ,can someone explain why this would happen as i had no problems 1st time round, can i have a tca peel to get rid off the dots or would another laser be better.

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Itchiness, lines, sandpaper texture after fractional resurfacing

This is not an easy question to answer without a bit more information.  I am not sure if your first treatment was also done on the neck area.  Perhaps you can gain some reassurance knowing that the dots you see are likely a good sign.  The rate at which the skin cells turnover on the neck is slower than that on the face.  What you are experiencing can be completely normal.  I would not recommend a tca peel at this time.  If you are the least bit concerned, call your doctor.  Good luck!

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