Itchiness and Pain 5 Days Post-op of a BL&BA Submuscular Normal?

My PS gave me 30 Vicodins 500/5 and I am in so much pain I finished them in 6 days (taking one every 3-4 hrs bc I could hardly move). I am now with bilateral pain in the muscle pain and back pain, I was taking arnica 30x and I broke out with a rash, I am taking 3-4 Advil but it hurts my stomach ..... What should I take over the counter? Are there any home remedies I can do? Or should I call for a refill? (P.s. I am 6 days post-op)

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Itchiness and Pain 5 Days Post-op of a BL&BA Submuscular Normal?

You should call or see your PS and they will get you on the right meds. Some of these symptoms can be normal but the itching is usually from the pain medicine.

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Itchiness and Pain 5 Days Post-op of a BL&BA Submuscular Normal?

Everyone has her own unique post op pain experience. This sounds enough out of the ordinary that a call to your surgeon seems appropriate. Over the phone a decision can be made quickly as to whether or not you need to be seen or just reassured.

All the best. 

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Sub muscular breast implants considerably more painful than sub glandular.

Sub muscular breast implants certainly hurt more than sub glandular. Nevertheless with such severe pain you probably should check in with your plastic surgeon.

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Pain meds and breast augmentation

If you are having a lot of pain after breast augmentation then it is a good idea to see your surgeon to be evaluated.

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Pain after a breast augmentation

This is definitely a situation that will require a call to your plastic surgeon.  Everyones reaction to surgery and tolerance to pain will be different.  You may need, in addition to the Vicodan a muscle relaxant such as valium.  The pain will get better it just takes time.  

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Pain after breast augmentation

There is no text book answer as to how much pain one experiences after any surgery.  However, general rule to treat pain is that you should not be left with severe pain a,d medications are to take the severity of pain to moredate to minimal.  It sounds like you need to call for a new prescription and maybe a muscle relaxer as well.  Make sure you do not get constipated with Vicodin.

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Pain Management after Breast Surgery?

Best to call your plastic surgeon for responsible advice. Online consultants, despite good intentions, will not be of much service to you. 

 Best wishes; hopefully, the discomfort you are experiencing will  dissipate quickly from this point on.

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