Which is the best option for black ink tattoos? (photos)

I'd like to know which laser would you best recommend to remove a black ink tattoo: 1) Quanta – Plus C Nd:YAG Q-switched (associated with ruby); 2) SPECTRA VRM III Nd:YAG Q-switched; 3) Picosure; 4) CYNOSURE REVLITE E CYNOSURE ACCOLADE (Nd:YAG Q-switched).

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The PicoSure is currently the best laser on the market for laser tattoo removal. It works 3x faster than any other laser. It's great on all skin type and ink colors. And it is truly effective. Find a practitioner who uses the PicoSure device and schedule a consultation. 
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Best laser for black tattos

Of all the lasers you listed, the Picosure is the most effective since it is a picosecond laser which is 1,0000 x faster than the other nanosecond lasers (a picosecond is 1/10000 of a nanosecond).  Since the energy is delivered 10000x faster, there is more of a photo-mechanical effect which breaks up the ink particles more effectively resulting in greater clearance in fewer treatemnts.  In our practice, we've had tremendous success clearing black tattoos like yours in half the treatments compared to older q-switched lasers.   Best of luck!

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Tattoo removal

All of these lasers will work on black ink although the q switched lasers will require 12 or more sessions. The picosure does work on black ink and can work in as few as four sessions.

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All of the lasers you mentioned would work on a black ink tattoo. The difference is in their speed and therefore in number of treatments needed to have your tattoo completely removed. In my professional experience the Picosure would work the fastest and your tattoo could be completely removed in a period of 3-4 months (4-6 treatments with 3-4 weeks between the treatments). Some other lasers may take up to a year to have your tattoo completely removed. I would suggest you to go with the Picosure. Best of luck!

Hardik Soni, MD
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