Upper lip problem (?). How to fix (or at least better) my awful smile? (Photo)

When I smile, the central part of my upper lip doesn't lift and it covers my front teeth. Moreover, the right side of the lip just lifts a bit more than the left resulting in an unesthetic asymmetry. If I lift my upper lip pushing up the top of my nose, the smile is not that bad and might receive huge benefit from veneers. The distance between my nose and lip is quite normal but maybe a lip lift would solve the problem? Anyway, when I was a teen, the shape of my smile was perfect. Thank you

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Upper Lip Concern

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Hi FlutiSte,
Unfortunately, no true side view photo is provided for proper evaluation so the distance between the base of the nose and the vermillion border (border of the upper lip) cannot be assessed aesthetically, but generally, if the distance is long, upper lip lift will be the best solution for your concern.

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