2nd week of my ptosis surgery in Korea but I can't see any progress. I did not born with ptosis. Do I need a 2nd surgery?(photo)

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You have ptosis

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The post op photos are the reverse image of the preop photos, but the affected eye on the preop photo shows preexisting ptosis. The post op photos show the result of uncorrected or undercorrected ptosis. Wait 6 months and have the ptosis repaired. 

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You definitely look like you have an issue.

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Unfortunately surgery can also injury an eyelid and create ptosis.  This really occurs in eyelids predisposed to develop ptosis. It seems that the surgery accelerates things.  You honestly need to let this eyelid heal.  I would not consider surgery until you have let the eyelid heal for 6 months.  There is the possibility that the eyelid position will improve.  I just think this is improbably.  The main reason for giving the eyelid time to heal is that it seems to improve the accuracy of the revision surgery you will likely need.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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